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We are Delta Automatism Pvt. Ltd. in short Delta Tower supplier of Cell on Wheel (COW) Telecom Tower for both Capex and Opex (long-term basis) Models. We have a vast experience of working with all major telecom operator and infra companies for more than a decade.

Delta coming with Capex and Opex model COW, RDU with the erection, de-rection, repair, maintenance, and logistic support. Due to the relocation of the COW’s many parts damaged/missing and need replacements/repairs, it is difficult and time-consuming. But in Delta, we provide the complete solution in our both model. From Transport to Erection/de-erection of Tower, maintenance, repairs at the single cost. Our customer does not have to deal with multiple vendors for each small process and needs to give one order for the end to end process.

Our Tower Model ranges are 30 Meter and 40 Meter in height and Model 40 Meter is with high flexibility and can be open at different height i.e. it can be open at 20M, 30M & 40M respectively. It is designed with keeping in mind for both rural & urban areas with less footprint with Groundwork & without (only counterweight required).

Our All Tower Models are IIT approved and manufactured in high-quality Telecom plant & design and developed with added benefits which are best suitable for the telecom industry.

Our supply will be from central India which is economical in terms of logistic cost and as well as transit time.​ Looking forward to your inquiry and proceed further and to work on a long-term basis for the benefits for both of us. ​

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone or via Email.

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