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Become Our Partner


Invest in our Cell on Wheel (COW) Mobile Tower for your regular Monthly Income.


  1. Looking for the associate partner such as DG, Solar Panel, Battery Bank etc. and other telecoms related equipment on rental.


  2.  All infra companies with I.P license. We can corporate on the long-term sharing basis (COW Tower will be of Delta, Land & other equipment etc. will be in your scope.)


  3. Telecom Vendors interested in COW rental business should contact


  4. Telecom service providers such as repair & Maintenance with spare parts facilities should contact.


  5. Service providers related to any telecom service work should contact.


  6. Telecom equipment and parts supplier with their presence on Pan India basis can associate with Delta. 

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone or via Email.

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